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'A jewel of a book'



2020 had a very bright start for me, when I discovered a reader had posted a five-star review of 'Uncle Prawn' on both and the Goodreads website. The review said:

"This book is thoroughly enjoyable. With tongue firmly in cheek, it describes the travails of a hard-working nephew caring for his (very) eccentric old uncle. Well-written and witty at every turn, with a hilarious cast of characters and a surprise ending, it will keep you chuckling to the end."

Reading it really made my day/week/month! I am self-published, and not likely to be troubling the best-seller charts anytime soon, but to know that I had made at least one reader chuckle gave me a tremendous sense of satisfaction and made me smile, too!

Something different, refreshing and comical all in one. Highly recommended to anyone looking to read about real life and have a few laughs along the way. This is a fun read.

Five-star review of Uncle Prawn from, April 2019

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