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Wicked Tongue is here 18 August 2021.jpg

Marching on

It's March 2023 already and once again I am way behind in where I had hoped to be with my writing endeavours, courtesy of real life and my persistent failure to win the Lotto.

However, having been 'recruited' by two other wordsmiths to help proofread their own works recently, it has started to get my own writing ambitions revived, so I am currently spending some time reviewing previous drafts and copious notes ready to put pen to paper, or whatever the electronic equivalent is. 

I write for pleasure, not profit (which is just as well) but it has been disheartening to see I've not sold a single book since November, so it's time to knuckle down and crack on so watch this space, because - all being well - there will be at least one new publication from me this year, possibly two, with more finally reaching more advanced stages of development. In the meantime, I am also going to start updating my blog more regularly, too. So keep the faith, and watch this space.....

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