Wicked Tongue is here 18 August 2021.jpg

First reviews are in!

October 2021. The first reviews have been posted for my eighth self-published book - and my first 'crime thriller' - which is available to buy worldwide in both paperback and digital formats, and I couldn't be happier.


Wicked Tongue has, as of 10/10/2021, attracted five ratings on Amazon.co.uk; four of them are five-star ratings and one is a four-star rating. Two people have written reviews, both of whom gave the book five stars! Wicked Tongue is a 'character-driven crime drama' and further details can be found on the dedicated Wicked Tongue page in the Books section of this website.

While I wait to see if any more reviews are posted, and while I quietly plan another crime thriller or two, because of such positive feedback so far, I am, in the meantime, returning to my normal brand of literary lunacy for my ninth book.