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The usual Saturday morning BBC Radio Bristol presenter has been away for the past couple of weeks, so there have been no poem subjects set to inspire my weekly witticisms. However, two recent high-profile celebrity deaths did prompt me to put together a couple of poetic tributes, one in honour of the wonderful 'Dame Edna', who needs nothing more by way of introduction, and the second for Len Goodman, well known in the UK as former head judge of Strictly Come Dancing and in the USA for a similar role on Dancing With The Stars.

Dame Edna RIP

Dame Edna gave us laughter, awe and wonder.

I'd hoped news of 'her' death had been a blunder.

But alas the housewife megastar did die

To host her chat show somewhere up on high

Tho' her Aussie body goes six feet down under.

Len Goodman RIP

I heard the news at quarter-past eleven

That Len Goodman had shuffled off to Heaven.

I hear he sent a message from on high

Asking friends and fans: "Please do not cry"

"It's quite alright up here, I give it SEVEN!!!!"


The Saturday morning show on BBC Radio Bristol on 8 April 2023 invited poems on the subject of 'New York' so I submitted a bijou-versette, which the presenter said was "a superb piece of poetry". Ahem...

I think they’re taking liberties still calling New York ‘new’.

Tho’ many people tell me it is great.

It-dates-back some 400 years

Which doesn’t sound ‘new’ to my ears

You can’t deny that it IS in a ‘state’.


I was rather remiss in not posting my most recent poetic submission to be read out on BBC Radio Bristol's Saturday show. For the April 1 show the presenter invited verses on the theme of Potholes, so my longer-than-usual effort below was submitted, and duly read out:

"Can I go pot-holing please?" my wife raved.

She nagged me so much that I finally caved.

But underground caverns were not what she meant.

As she grabbed the car keys with eager intent.

I nervously sat in the passenger seat,

As she drove erratically down our old street.

"There's so many pot-holes, I just cannot miss."

She said, as the tyre blew, bum-da-bum, tsssssssss.

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